The Idols of Comfort and Control

I always knew there was a name for it.  It’s what I’ve been chasing for the past 12 years, maybe even longer.  Comfort.  Control.  A life of ease.  A life that turns out exactly how I want it to.  A life where I don’t have to work because I’ve won the lotto and am financially independent.  In this fantasy world, I can stay home and have my hands in everything my husband and kids do.  I can control everything.  And we can live in the lap of luxury.  Fancy vacations a few times a year.  The nicest clothes.  The newest cars.  Yep, wouldn’t this be nice.

Oh, but that is so not real life.  And that is not what God wants for us.  A life like that does not worship God.  It is nowhere near focused on Him.  Although I wanted to act like it was.  Those prayers before heading out to buy lotto tickets.  “Please Lord, change my life today.”  I’m kind of embarrassed.  Really.

Life is not easy.  And yet, honestly, my life is pretty great.  I have a full-time job that pays somewhat well.  I work in a safe environment with great people.  I have a beautiful home and a healthy family.  And even many more blessings.

But these blessings keep me busy.  And stressed.  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed.  And watch out once I look outside my window (or on Facebook or Instagram).  When comparisons creep in it’s all over.  How quickly we forget our blessings.  How quickly we forget who’s really in control.

Today, I want to release these idols.  I turn my eyes to Jesus and give him the control.  I want to trust him and rest in the life he’s given me.  Life’s too precious and short to waste it on anything else.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. – Phillipians 4:19


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